February 20, 2010

Today is my girl's birthday..it's her 23rd birthday..a warm wishes for her..

Who is she?? She is..Miss Mazian Binti Ismail..

After have been together for almost two years, we've through hard, great, nice, etc kind of days..For that, i've decided to take another step further with her, for a more serious relationship. I think i am ready for that..

Anyway..I'm taking this chance to wish my girl, Happy 23rd Birthday..

tanjiobi omeideto gozaimasu..

  • Get hired sooner...
  • Eat a lot more...(hehehe)
  • Keep ur good health
  • Start saving..(for our wedding..*winks*)
  • Be a good daughter and daughter in law..(hehehehe)
  • Be a good girl of mine..
  • Love me..always and all the time..
  • May we will be together, till the end of our life..Amin..

[blured image of us]

2 ulasan:

  1. maksheh b...
    amin for all dat wishes.. (^_^)
    love u cayang..